Good Morning

Good morning quotes for friends

Do you want to wish good morning to your friends. Here are some best Good morning quotes for friends. Send them and wish them a lovely good morning.

Every single spent with you my friend is a memory that I will always remember. The little pranks we play and the laughs we share are things that will always keep me happy. Good morning buddy.
~ Louise Brooks

Morning is a good time to thank God for all friends
they are a rare blessing which I cherish to no end.
Our bonds are refreshing just like morning coffee,
whenever I spend time with them, I’m always happy.
~ Mamie Watson

Though sometimes we have problems in our love life and things don’t always go the way we think they should. Always remember that I will be there whenever you need me no matter what. Good Morning!
~ Charlene Martin

Wake up my dear friend, its morning time already,
though we hate it, we still have to work and study.
Someday will come when it will be all fun and games,
until that day our friendship will always be the same.
~ Annette Holmes

I’ve met a lot of crazy people but none are as funny as you. You know how to make me laugh even when I am in pain. Every morning I wake up and I’m glad for a friend like you. Good morning buddy…have a great day!
~ Patricia Bryan

I see a lot of people walking on busy streets and so many acquaintances that I meet every single day but yet no one has ever come close to being as good a friend as you have been. Our friendship is the most important to me.
~ Shellen Lubin

Think positive and happy thoughts even if the situation seems to be bad and you will see good things happen in your life. Wake up with a grateful heart and stay thankful every morning.
~ Patti Lindsey

May your mornings be full of brightness and sunshine,
for breakfast everyday, you could have the best wine.
No matter what day it is may you always have a smile,
that is how we roll buddy, live up that morning lifestyle.
~ Agnes Perez

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