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Good morning quotes for her

You are at right place if you are you looking to show your love for your prettiest lady. Here Sweet and Lovely good morning quotes for her are for you.


When you wake up in the morning I want to be the sweetest song in your ears. When you step down from the bed, I want to be the sunlight to dispel loneliness and the smile on your face. Good Morning my dear!
~ Margaret Hansen

Every morning when I wake up, I think of how lucky I am to have you as the love of my life. It used to be terrible without you but now all I have is happiness and love.
~ Beatrice Munoz

Every morning I wake up and think about your beauty,
wishing you good morning is my pleasure and duty.
Sometimes my messages are good and sometimes naughty,
but all I hope to do is wish your day is exciting and happy.
~ Carolyn Roberson

I think of you every
morning about how you open your beautiful eyes and then have a cute yawn on your face. My only wish is that I could see you then and tell you how much I love you.
~ Candace Jensen

From the setting of the sun until its rising
Your beauty is so wonderful, it is really mesmerizing,
It was simply wonderful I had
and its my pleasure everyday to wish you good morning
~ Regina Townsend

This morning I was just thinking about the day we first met and couldn’t help but smile. I’ve had so many wonderful times with you and I look forward to every single day that I will spend with you in the future.
~ Sadie Davis

I was surrounded by the darkness of loneliness but then you dawned like the glorious morning into my life. You brought the light of love and joy with you and I am so happy. Good morning and have a great day!
~ Lorena Reid

The sun rays make life bright and beautiful just like your love makes my heart beat with happiness. Every word you speak is refreshes me. Good Morning!
~ Glenda Crawford

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When something like an exam or an assignment or anything else affects you, remember that I am always with you. I may not be be able to do it for you but you never have to go through it all alone.
~ Teri Ortiz

Like a cup of coffee which is sweet and livening in the morning, I want to sweeten your life and make your life exciting. Every day we spend together will be beautiful memories which will last a lifetime.
~ Irene Mathis

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