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Romantic good morning messages and quotes

Do you want to make your lover feel special for you. Send him or her Romantic good morning messages and wish him or her a lovely romantic good morning

I will always cherish the funny and sweet moments spent with you. Little things like your smile, the twinkle in your eyes and your heartbeat amaze me. Thank you for all these amazing memories. Good morning!
~ Michele Mason

Romantic good morning quotes
As the sun shines by the window pane ever so bright,
I would see you open your beautiful eyes to the morning light.
After that I would stare at your beautiful face so adorning
and then you would hear me whisper in your ears good morning!
~ Alma Shelton

Everyday when I wake up, I feel so much of love in my heart,
with you by my side I never have to worry about going apart.
There is so
much of goodness in every word you speak darling,
I hope all your wishes come true everyday especially this morning.
~ Lillian Chandler

I think about you every single day from morning to evening,
our relationship has been so special right from the beginning.
I love you with all my heart, every day with you feels so right,
You are my no. 1 and I will love you until the end, all my life.
~ Antonia Reed

I heard the chirping sounds of the birds, they were talking about you,
one said you have a beautiful heart while the other said you’re so true.
Then I stood up and noted all these things while my heart was pounding,
you are the sweetest person I have ever met my love, I wish you good morning.
~ Hannah Young

From the day I met you until this very day,
in my heart there is a place where you stay.
I was all alone all these days, now I have love,
you are the best person ever, my angel from above.
~ Erin Massey

Before going to sleep you are always there in my mind. When I wake up every morning, you are the first thought that enters my mind. I love you with all my heart and want to thank you for all the lovely things that you do for me. Good Morning!
~ Johnnie Bryant

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