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Romantic love messages for him

Nothing more than describing the feeling of love brings me peace. This incident happened last year when I was on a trip to Rome. The city proliferated with joy, affection, unity and love. I have realized the definition of love varied from one country to another, just like their style of writing was disparate. The essence remained same.
The incredible feeling of being in love keeps your ecstasy level highly charged and makes you travel to and fro between the feelings of joy, excitement, sadness, numbness at once. Falling in love feels like you have found a hidden treasure from the vault of life, which you hadn’t knew of until you found the vault’s door. A true lover is one with whom you can share your darkest secrets without the fear of being judged. It’s taking a leap of faith. It’s like giving access to that one person of your weakest vulnerable areas without the fear of being mislead.
Expressing love is an art. This art is being practiced physically, emotionally and mentally. Girls prefer to express the depth of their love using words, quotes and poems. Undoubtedly, these turns out to be very effective when your boyfriend stays far away or he’s angry with you for some reasons. These Love Messages for him have been selected from the best resources of the internet

Do you want your husband or boy friend to feel special. There are some Love Messages for him to sent

It is not true that love does not have boundaries. In fact, my love for you has created boundaries in your heart so that no one else can come in. I love you.

I want to let you know that there is no single day or night that I do not dream about you. You are on my mind every night and day, every moment of my days. It is you that I want and it is you that my heart longs for. I love you and I mean it.

My love for you is so real, that it makes me want to do unreal things like jumping on the clouds and climbing on the rainbow. I love you.

Sweetheart, when I see you, I’m awed at your presence. I’m amazed when I hear you speak. And I perceive your smell, my world is changed. Your eyes are the light of my life, your touch is graceful, taking me to the highest skies. My world is ever waiting for your love. And you know it, I love you.

Can you hear my heart beat? It’s beating because you are here. So, take it and make it yours. But be careful that you do not not break it and spill all the good true love filled inside. If you can treat it well and keep it close to you, everything will be fine and I’ll love you even more.

Falling in love with you… I don’t know how or when it happened. All I know that it is the best thing to have happened to me.

A true love messages for your boyfriend is an acknowledgement of the everlasting bond you share, this one line message tells him how much you love him, trust him and always want him by your side. An honest love quote for the best boyfriend in the whole world.

From random laughs to random kisses, our love has put me in a blissful state of randomness that I never want to come out of. Love you my hubby.

You’re the only guy for me, I love you so much.


If you listen to my breaths closely, you will hear the words I Love You coming out with every single one. I am literally living for you, and only you.

I never thought that only three words could sum up the reason for my existence. But I realized how wrong I was when I said… I Love You.

It is amazing how my heart, such a tiny bit of me, can love a whole lot of you.

I don’t know how you got inside my heart, but I do know that I never want you to leave.You have entered according to your will, but i wouldn’t allow you to leave according to your will.

I Love You are three words that have no meaning to me whatsoever until they are either said by me to you or you to me.

If you ever asked me to pick between you and my dreams, I wouldn’t know what to say because being with you is my only dream.

There’s nothing more romantic that sharing your love and the memories you cherish, with your boyfriend. Tell him you always remember and revisit that moment when he swept you off your feet and took your breath away with this beautiful love message.

Even a doctor would be baffled at how my heart conveniently decides to beat faster or slower – depending on whether I’m thinking about you or not

I really don’t know why people are unable to explain the definition and meaning of love. For me, love has a very simple three letter meaning – YOU.

I knew that I started loving you when I stopped looking for the best in you and started wishing the best for you.

For others, love is blind, but for me it isn’t true, because when I fell in love, I saw you!

A boyfriend like you is the only way to not feel blue, the only way to experience love so true and the only way to see life’s beautiful view. I love you. Be with me forever.

A handsome guy that you are, I feel weak in the knees when I see you from far. The awesome boyfriend that you are, my life’s one and only superstar.

To see the smile on your face is all I desire, to see your eyes gleam with joy I all I want, if I want that for me more than for you, then I think I love you!

I love you but I also hate you because now I can’t do anything without thinking about you every single second.

The only reason you are my boyfriend is because I have a heart and it belongs to you.


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